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English Profile

Corporate development

The company was founded 2003 in January as a sole trader of Mr. Jörg Hebestadt with two employees.

In the years 2003 to 2005, the single company developed continuously, so that at the end of the year 2005, six technicians were fully employed.

This sole trader was the base for grounding the "Windkraft -Service GmbH" in 2005/ 2006. In this company works today ca. 14 employees under the conduct of Mr. Jörg Hebestadt.

For the handling of all service activities is the "Windkraft-Service GmbH" in property of cars which is very well lined for all the tools - do you need for activities on a wind turbine.

Newer vehicles are provided with an extra technique for non- positive load securing. Certification by ISO is planned for 2012/ 2013. The development of the offshore service sector is also planned in this space.

Service spectrum

Regular maintenance

In accordance with relevant maintenance specifications

We perform regular maintenance in accordance with a relevant maintenance specification by the manufacturer. To perform definite maintenances, the company one´s disposal over many special tools. Tightening and checking torques to 27.000Nm (M64/100mm spanner gap - bigger you must ask) and work with hydraulic clamping cylinders is our standard. We work with regularly calibrated tools, which every client can be demonstrated on request.
Regular maintenance

Periodic checks

Qualified employees for periodic inspections

For periodic inspections of equipment (ladder, PPE, to one ton chain hoist, first-aid equipment, roping down equipment, fire extinguishers) we have provide qualified employees as a "quantified person".
Periodic checks

Repairs / service

Repairs of any kind on a wind-turbine

The Windkraft-Service GmbH affect repairs of any kind on a wind-turbine. Never mind, you want to have exchanged a fan on a electromotor or you will remake a clutch - NO PROBLEM FOR US!

Summary of repairs & service

Repairs / service

Emergency service

Emergency service in a regional area is any time possible. Exchanging of large components is also, with a strong service partner, any time possible too. ASK US!

Other service spectrum on enquiry

For instance a troublefree handling of charges/ weights to 6 tons

inquire here


Our knowledge and proficiency is demand in all over Europe. For our clients and for manufacturers of wind turbines we are out and about in Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and of course also active in Germany on the way.
Current projects are to be in progress by us in Poland, southern Italy and Sicily. An important project is the maintenance technical support of five and six MGW- machines.

We have experience with these machines too